Photo montage of Kathryn's life

Kathryn’s Story

Finding the right coach and mentor means finding someone who is well-qualified and with whom you connect at a gut level. Are you and I a good fit? Read on and see what you think…

My Checkered Past Has Been a Great Teacher

I got my start as a corporate marketing executive in the healthcare sector, specializing in addictive disease and psychiatric hospitals. Perhaps my passion for that industry was due to my upbringing.

I am the child of two alcoholic parents and have worked diligently to overcome the mental and emotional deficits that came along with that history. As a result, I’ve done extensive work (both personally and professionally) in the area of addiction recovery, codependency, and boundaries.

Although I made a brief foray into real estate sales, my favorite and most challenging job was as a stay-at-home mom to my two children, Ali and Preston, who are now grown. Unfortunately, when they were just entering their teen years, my 20-year marriage ended.

That excruciating experience taught me much about dealing with anxiety and depression, trauma and emotional healing, and finding courage as a single mother.

From Single Mom to Coach and Entrepreneur

I worked hard on my own divorce recovery and in doing so, found my passion for coaching. I completed a rigorous life coach certification program and launched my private practice in 2012. As an entrepreneur, I learned the pressures of running a business, juggling a family and finances, and carving out time for self-care when, really, there was no time for that!

But my commitment to personal growth paid off.  After a lifetime of yo-yo dieting, I had learned the secret to ending emotional eating and finding peace with my body and with food. That success gave me the unique opportunity to serve as Wellness Instructor and Life Coach for an internationally acclaimed weight loss program on Amelia Island, Florida. Working with wellness clients from all over the world was a thrill. Many of those relationships continue to this day.

I’ve come to believe that while creating a body you love is important, it’s creating a life you love that breathes consistency into your weight-loss, health, and fitness habits. I also know firsthand that, with the proper mindset, support, and tools, it’s never too late to make wonderful changes in ANY area of your life.

“…it’s never too late to make wonderful changes in ANY area of your life.
I got my ‘reboot’ at age51…”

I got my “reboot” at age 51 after my divorce, and I can tell you that, while problems in one area drag you down in others, the opposite is also true. Fix problems in any one area, and the rest of life becomes remarkably easier. Understanding this led to the formation of my self-management coaching model for body, soul, and spirit.

Today, it is my greatest joy to share my experience, strength, and hope with my family, friends, and clients.

And a Few More Juicy Bits

Now to wrap up my introduction: I am mom to two amazing young adults and am active in my church and community. I’m also a wanna-be neuroscience geek who loves learning and sharing what works. I’m not participating in the aging process, thank you very much, and am passionate about personal health and fitness.

I love that I live so near the beach. Walking, shopping, reading, and hanging out with friends are my favorite things to do. And I’m learning to paint with watercolors! I get to enjoy all of these things in beautiful, historic St. Augustine, Florida, where I live on the marsh with my two spoiled pups.

Okay, I’ve introduced myself, so now it’s your turn. If you’re still reading this, we might make a good coaching team. I’d love to hear from you. Click here to contact me.