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I’m so happy you’re here and I hope that something I’ve written will jump all over you. Try the tips. Read the case studies. Put my coaching techniques to the test. The whole idea of this blog is to give you practical ways to push through whatever is holding you back. We all want to feel better, right? That’s what this blog is all about. Living life as a masterpiece, with mastery and peace. Enjoy!

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The High Cost of Clutter and a 15-Minute Fix

The high cost of clutter

Clutter costs you more than you might think. The unwashed dishes in your sink, that stack of Amazon boxes in the garage, and those piles of paperwork on your crazy desk are constant visual drains that don’t do your body or brain any favors. In fact, there’s an undertow to clutter, pulling you away from […]

How to STEER Your Runaway Brain, Part 2

Guide to STEERing Your Runaway Brain, Part 2

In Part 1 of this two-part blog series, you met my former client, Amy, whose runaway brain just about drove her over a cliff. She came into coaching to learn to stop and reverse her negative self-talk. Self-talk is your inner dialogue, the thoughts you think to yourself all day long. It’s a lot of […]

How to STEER Your Runaway Brain, Part 1

Woman driving

“I can’t help it, I feel like a fat, lazy cow,” Amy told me as we began our first coaching session. “No matter how determined I am to be more disciplined, I keep blowing it.” Despite the fact that she runs her own million-dollar business with devoted employees and has successfully raised a child and […]

Get Out of Your Funk and Feel Better Fast. Then Look Deeper.

Woman looking depressed

Years ago, I went to the doctor because I felt like crap, and I wanted to feel better. But I wasn’t sick. I just wasn’t myself, and I wasn’t operating at full potential. Not even close. That doctor visit (and the one after it) had a profound effect on the way I deal with my […]

Imposter Syndrome: Signs, Symptoms, and 6 Steps Out

“It’s just so good to have a name for what I’ve been experiencing,” Annette told me recently.1 Annette came into coaching to help launch her new consulting business. What she discovered along the way is that she suffers from Imposter Syndrome (IS), a term coined by clinical psychologists Pauline Clance and Suzanne Imes in the […]

Productivity and the Magic of Baby Steps

Ever been to one of those time-management seminars where the guru says something like, “Your first step is to get everything out of your brain and onto paper. Start by making a master list.” So you do a massive brain dump, consulting your calendar and the sticky notes you’ve strategically placed all over your office, […]

How to Practice Self-Love Without Being Selfish

Image showing example of alt text

Valentine’s Day is a great time to talk about self-love. But first, we have to get the myth out of the way. The myth is that self-love is selfish. I read that somewhere recently. The author was associating self-love with narcissism, which is a serious psychological disorder with very little chance of recovery. It’s a […]

And the Beat Goes On: Choose to Move With the Rhythm of Life

Drummer tapping a beat

I’m starting to recognize a pattern. Every year, it seems, I spin out of the chaotically wonderful Christmas season and fly forward, face first, into February. January passes in a blur—annually. Does that happen to you? Although I’m not a big believer in New Year’s resolutions, (see my previous post here), January does provide a […]

Pump Up Your Life With The Wellness Wheel

Have you ever had a flat tire? You are blissfully driving along until, all of a sudden, you hear that horrible ka-flunk, ka-flunk, ka-flunk sound. Oh no. Please don’t let it be a flat tire. Please, please, please… Dang it! That’s it. The day is officially screwed up, and until this thing is fixed, you’re […]

Self-Management Strategies to Create Your Best Life

If you’re searching for how to live your best life now, or how to become the best version of yourself, you’re in good company. Those phrases are popping up everywhere in Google searches, self-help books, and ads flying across social media. While I don’t have any idea how these phrases became so trendy so fast, […]