Private Coaching Packages

Private coaching is really a suite of services. By signing up for individual coaching with Kathryn, you’ll enjoy:

  • 50-minute coaching sessions with Kathryn by phone or video
  • Coaching tools, exercises, and resources, as appropriate
  • Email access to Kathryn for feedback, celebration, and/or questions
  • Weekly accountability (including “off” weeks, as desired or needed)
  • Laser coaching (phone access between sessions as needed: 10-15 minutes*)
  • Prep Form/Post Session record of your coaching progress (optional, but strongly recommended)
  • Case management (Kathryn’s time, planning, prep, and review)

*Laser coaching is available once or twice per month, per client. When those requests become more frequent, it suggests additional standard sessions are needed.

Sessions and Fees

You choose the number of coaching sessions you’d like to start with. You can always “re-up” and keep going after the initial package is complete. In fact, that often happens and is an indication that my clients get outstanding results and a good return on their investment.

Choose from these packages:

  • Single session, $140
  • 3-session package, $375
  • 6-session package, $660
  • 9-session package, $900

If more sessions are desired, a custom package can be created.

Looking for Something Else?

For services other than individual private coaching, click here.

Financial Assistance

I understand what it feels like to find a service you know can change your life and to feel like you can’t afford it. You don’t have to miss out on what could be a game-changer for you. Payments can be made by credit card (PayPal), and financing is available for packages of six sessions or more.

I’ve learned the hard way that discounts and scholarships for coaching backfire in a big way. Believe me. I’ve tried, but without that all-important financial skin in the game, clients struggle with motivation, and I’m left with no-shows and cancellations.

So instead, I offer a number of low or no-cost resources on this website and on social media, and even more are in the works. So if you really can’t afford private coaching, please make use of the tools and resources I share. You are welcome in the MasterPeace community.

On the other hand, remember that your well-being is of utmost importance and definitely worth investing in. Private coaching can literally change your life.

Here are some money-making options to help you get started with private coaching.

  • Can you sell something? Consider online options such as eBay, Swip Swap (on Facebook), or Craigs List.
  • Is it time to have a garage sale? You’ll get the added benefit of decluttering and simplifying.
  • Start a coaching savings account. Make small weekly installments, and watch them add up.
  • Give up one or more luxuries, such as coffee shop treats, massages, or having your nails done, and make that coaching account grow faster.
  • Consider a side hustle such as babysitting or petsitting.
  • Use a personal loan or home equity to pay for coaching. Remember, this is an investment in your own mental, emotional, and physical health. Nothing is more important.

Google “ways to make money fast,” and you’ll get some great (and some goofy) ideas. Give one or more of these options your best go, and then let’s coach you to a better financial future!