Coaching Services

“In the last four weeks, I accomplished more than I have in the last four months, thanks to coaching. Is it worth it? OH YEA!”

— Client coached for life balance and career stress

30-Minute Brainstorming Session (No Obligation)

If you are interested in private coaching, let’s set a brief appointment to brainstorm what you’re looking for and whether we’ll be a good fit together. You’ll get greater clarity than you had before, even if you don’t end up coaching with me.

Don’t worry if you don’t know exactly what to say. I’ll guide you through the call, giving you the opportunity to have your questions answered. Simply email to ask for a brainstorming session.

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Individual Coaching

Powerful. Effective. Life changing. This is how my clients describe private, individual coaching. Most stay with me long-term because of the positive impact on their lives, but you choose the coaching package right for you.

You set the agenda. I’ll hold your focus. The results can change the trajectory of your life. Set a new path. Get a fresh start and enjoy real results.

The coaching process usually begins with a 30-minute getting-to-know-you brainstorming session. Once we’ve agreed to work together, you’ll receive a Welcome Packet, Coaching Agreement, and invoice, all by email.  This gets the party started for an effective relationship. After that, we’ll meet on an agreed-upon schedule, with optional laser sessions and unlimited email in-between.

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Customized Small Group

Pick five or more of your employees, co-workers, or friends and choose a coaching topic to meet your own, specialized goals. Then simply contact me. We can customize something for your group to amp up your motivation and provide a fun, collaborative approach to staying on track. Let’s make it happen!

You’ll meet once a week by teleconference or Zoom, typically for six weeks. Groups are powerful, convenient, and enjoyable. As the group organizer, you’ll receive an administrative discount.**

Pick a topic unique to your group, or choose one of these. Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

  • meeting a goal or preparing for a challenge
  • creating a healthy work/staff environment
  • getting more done in less time
  • improving communication
  • goal-setting as a group
  • overcoming procrastination
  • vision setting and mission statement development
  • understanding personality types for better working relationships
  • boundaries and codependency
  • weight loss/sugar addiction
  • emotional eating
  • overcoming negative self-talk

**Offered to the group organizer when six or more participants register.

Workbook: The PEACE Process For Personal Life-Purpose Discovery

This is an amazing tool to help busy men and women discover their unique, custom-designed destiny—a life of peace, purpose, and passion. This brief, to-the-point workbook allows you to explore five essential areas each person must examine to uncover his or her personal purpose.

The PEACE Process facilitates a Spirit-led conversation that asks the question, “Why am I here?” and allows the reader to listen intently for God’s answer.

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