“Kathryn’s coaching sessions helped me find clarity and devise a plan on how to take next steps in my professional life. Kathryn is a gifted life coach who made me so comfortable during our sessions that I felt like I was talking with a close friend. The coaching, the resources, and tools have been invaluable in allowing me to walk confidently and peacefully through this period of change! I’m grateful for MasterPeace Living!”

—Morgan G., TX

“After years of personal struggle, Kathryn opened my eyes and mind to different ways to look at things. Her objectivity and sense of humor help you feel safe to share, which is critical. I am happy to have found her services; so much so, that I have referred family and friends to her as well. Masterpeace Living helped me find the peace of mind I was searching for…”

—Karen W., FL

“I’ve worked with Kathryn for more than a year. She’s helped me better understand my emotional response and triggers for unhealthy habits. Kathryn has given me the tools that have enabled me to lose weight, be healthier, and most importantly be happier.”

— Steve K, PA

“Kathryn is fantastic. She has helped me more than she will ever know.”

— Brennan V, GA

“Kathryn was wonderful, inspiring and very well informed. I’ve made great progress working with her.”

— Julie H, GA

“Kathryn has helped me enormously. She’s a very special lady who helped me get serious about my health.”

— David M, UK

“Kathryn is awesome and so easy to learn from and talk to. She helped me pinpoint what to work on first, and she gave me some great tools. I’m so glad she’s my coach.”

— Ashley B, KY

“Kathryn was amazing. I came into coaching as a broken person and she gave me so much help. She is a special caring person who saw me through some tough things. It’s obvious she cares a great deal for others.”

— Sara S, WA

“Kathryn is great! Encouraging and kind. Her coaching program was of enormous value to me.”

— Vanessa S, MT

“I want to bottle up Kathryn and take her home. Love her.”

— Kimberly P, TX

“Working with Kathryn is a very useful and positive experience. Coaching has been a great investment that has paid off in my health, my work, and even in my marriage. Good stuff.”

— Scott H, AZ

“Life-changing information shared in a manageable and encouraging way.”

— Heather O, MD

“Received a lot of useful information while talking with her. She got me thinking in ways I hadn’t before. Opened my eyes a lot. Kathryn CARES.”

— Gladyce S, FL

“Kathryn was knowledgeable, interesting, and shared wonderful tips. She was so good about showing me ways to be empowered.”

— Judy C, OK

“She was approachable, fun, just amazing and very motivating.”

— Monica P, FL

“Kathryn was so good. She is so real and positive. I found her very relatable. She gave me many tools to help me break old habits.”

— Kathleen B, IL

“Loved Kathryn’s energy, insight and coaching skill! She made me feel comfortable and helped me through some big changes.”

— Karen V, CO

“I didn’t know what to expect from coaching. Kathryn is really very good. She listens and asks deep questions. She shares from the heart and is believable because she’s been through some of the same experiences I’ve had. She’s helped me navigate through them.”

— Betty G, OH

“I love taking her classes. I’m always excited to take what we learn and apply it to my day to day life.”

— Alexis R, NY

“Wow! Kathryn had all the right things to offer us when we needed it most, encouragement, tips and laughter. A great inspirational person to share her story with others. Her classes are great.”

— Alice M, FL

“Changed my outlook on lifestyle completely! Coaching with her was a life-changing experience for me.”

— Sarah W, MS

“One of the kindest, caring coaches. She made me see that I’m important and need to take care of myself. She taught me how to say no to other people more often so I can say yes to me. What a concept.”

— Allie S, TX

“She made me look inside myself and see I was my own worst enemy when it came to my body image and how I dealt with it (eating and more eating). I now get up every day and can genuinely say something positive about myself. Food is not my go-to stress reliever anymore. I’m smiling a whole lot more! Thank you, Kathryn.”

— Cindy K, CA

“I’ve only attended one of her classes and it was excellent. Kathryn is extremely clever and knowledgeable in her field and with her life experience we could not have had a better life coach.”

— Mindy B, VA

“You can see she deeply cares about her clients, especially those of us with emotional eating and body image issues. Her workshops are VERY important in helping us understand how to get out of bondage to food and our emotional triggers. Kathryn has a very calm and caring demeanor, making her a great person to talk to. You can tell she is a great advocate for emotional eaters.”

— Cindy T, IL

“Kathryn was so good. She is so real and positive. I found her very relatable. She gave us many tools to use to self-manage. Her coaching program is very enlightening and helpful. Just what the doctor ordered.”

— Erica Z, NM

“I really enjoyed the Chop the Chain group. I learned a lot and enjoyed the interaction in the group. Kathryn did a great job encouraging and getting participation from all of us in the group. Kathryn is very easy to talk to and empathetic. It is obvious she is an experienced coach and knows how to help people improve their lives.”

— Monica P, FL

“Chop the Chain, led by Kathryn Leslie, was one of the most impactful resources I have deployed when looking to better my health, lose weight, end binge eating, stop the addiction to certain foods and accomplish overall self-improvement. I have attended the Biggest Loser Resort, been on numerous diets, and had a million ‘last meals. ’ For the first time in my life, I am able to be a new person. Kathryn supplied tools that will actually change my life. Chop the Chain is more than understanding foods and providing a forum for a support system. Kathryn provides techniques that have helped me no longer ‘white knuckle’ it through a day, and I don’t have to fight will power anymore. I walked away from Chop the Chain gaining more than I ever thought I would – weight loss, a sense of freedom, and a positive outlook. Most importantly, Kathryn is an educated, supportive and a gentle leader. I am so very grateful for her time and insight she shared.”

— Kristen W, TX

“Kathryn has helped me avoid a scattered approach and stay focused on what matters. She’s helped me stay aligned with my purpose and not get off track. She understands that being self-employed is difficult and can be lonely.”

— Kristi S, CO

“I especially like how Kathryn keeps me moving forward. Each of our sessions is extremely productive, continuously moving forward and always laser-like to the things that need to be focused on. There’s no wasted time. As a coach, Kathryn is gifted and insightful and draws out the things in me that need to be brought to light.”

— Bridget M, FL

“Before coaching with her, I felt fearful and stuck. I especially liked how she equipped me with homework to do something about these feelings. Coaching helped me identify concerns—I think she is especially gifted with that—and equipped me with resources to manage them. I’m living more in the present than stuck in the past. Coaching has been extremely valuable.”

— Mary S, FL

“Kathryn has been instrumental in bringing clarity to my thinking. She helped me identify my core values and is excellent at helping make sure that I keep them front and center. It really is amazing how being very aware of my values helps to bring clarity to what might otherwise be very confusing situations. Prior to coaching, I didn’t even know what my values were. She is an excellent listener and has the uncanny ability to ask just the right question at just the right time, which often leads to a very enlightening ‘Aha!’ moment.”

— Leslie T, FL