The PEACE Process For Personal Life-Purpose Discovery

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Knowing your personal life purpose can mean the difference between struggling day to day and thriving in the flow of God's sovereignty. Embrace your custom design and identify God’s unique purpose for you using the convenient, comprehensive approach offered in Kathryn Leslie's book, The PEACE Process for Personal Life-Purpose Discovery.

  • Step-by-step guide to uncovering and understanding your divine design
  • Fun, thought-provoking exercises to practice carrying out your purpose
  • Teachings grounded in scripture and scientific research

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All About The PEACE Process

Written for those who seek God’s highest and best for their lives, this workbook can move you from confusion to clarity using powerful tools that explore five key areas that make up your divine design:

  • Personality strengths and weaknesses
  • Experiences, both good and bad
  • Abilities (your spiritual gifting)
  • Core values
  • and Energizers—the people, places, and things you are passionate about

You’ll explore how each part of your custom design relates to the whole, developing a working definition of your life purpose that can be tested and refined over time. As you make your way through the workbook, you’ll view your life from several vantage points, allowing you to learn a great deal about your beautiful design. Doing so frees you to embrace all the elements of your God-ordained uniqueness. And the MasterPeace Living community is excited to support you in the journey.

What People Are Saying About The PEACE Process

“ The resources within The PEACE Process are wonderful, well thought out, and timely. Thank you for providing coaches with a valuable tool for helping clients on their life-discovery path.”

— Gail D.

“ This is an excellent Christian guide to find your passion and purpose in life. Easy to read and very user-friendly yet deeply insightful. I am learning about myself in a fun and unique fashion.”

— Mary S.

Upgrade to Private Coaching for Life-Purpose Discovery

One of Kathryn’s passions is helping you find your passion. Once you do, life gets simpler—and more satisfying. If you’re ready to take this next step on your spiritual journey, Kathryn is ready, willing, and equipped with The PEACE Process to help you.

Together, you’ll take a look at your personality strengths and weaknesses, life experiences, spiritual gifts and motivations, natural strengths, talents, core values, and personal passions. You’ll make an intentional study of how God has wired you, then identify the strategic action steps necessary to move forward in the flow of His design.

Taking a deeper dive into The PEACE Process will take at least three private coaching sessions, but probably more like six. We’ll customize it for your needs and get you the biggest bang for your buck. The results? Priceless!

Get The PEACE Process Today

The exercises in The PEACE Process are comprehensive and thought-provoking, but they aren’t meant to take the place of scientifically developed, statistically measured assessments available on the market today, especially concerning strengths analysis. However, these formal assessments can be expensive, time-consuming, and complicated. And while these resources may provide wonderful insights, most cover only one element of your design.

The PEACE Process helps you evaluate the complete picture—your personality, your experiences, your abilities, your core values, and what energizes you—for a comprehensive approach to discovering your life purpose. Get started today!