Coaching Topics

Address one life issue, and you’ll be amazed how much better you handle others as well. Where will you start?

Emotional Eating, Sugar Addiction, and Weight Loss

We spend more than $65 billion (that’s with a B!) on weight loss in this country, yet 95 percent of all dieters gain their weight back in less than a year. In any other industry, we’d call this a scam and blame the industry. Instead, we blame ourselves for lacking discipline and being lazy. We lose our confidence, yo-yo diet, and gain even more weight.

Diets simply do not work. Restriction and deprivation almost always boomerang weight gain, not loss. And fats don’t make us fat. We find all this hard to believe because of the “scientific” nutritional propaganda we’ve been immersed in for decades.

So if diets don’t work, what does? It’s not spending more time in the gym, either. You need a whole new relationship with food and with your body.

Let me help you learn to gently and naturally lose weight and maintain it comfortably. We’ll start by helping you calm your sugar addiction, which hijacks all your good intentions and keeps you in bondage. We can work privately, of course, or you can join one of my regular group coaching classes by teleconference or online to address these issues.

The community approach for support and accountability, plus the motivation and weight loss momentum you’ll achieve, will seem like a God-send. Check the calendar or contact me for more information.

Career Development

Whether you are entering or re-entering the job market, need a change, are facing retirement, or want more money or job satisfaction, coaching is for you. I’ll help you figure out how to either make a great move or learn vital techniques to become happier and more valuable in your current situation.

Your work life influences every other area of life. Don’t let job dissatisfaction or financial struggle steal any more of your time or energy. Life’s too short!

Boundaries and Relationships

Marriage partner, business partner, co-worker, child, or family member—someone important to you—is driving you nuts. Or they’re causing you great stress and unhappiness. Or worrying you to death.

You know you should be handling things differently, but honestly, they push your buttons. You’d love to help them change, but the more you try, the worse things get. Sometimes you feel angry. Other times, sad and upset. It’s a horrible hamster wheel, and this relationship needs fixing!

Come into coaching. I can help you find a way to communicate more effectively, feel more confident, and get more peaceful. You have more power and control than you think.

Finding a Work/Life Balance

You spend too many hours working, and you know it. When you’re at home, you’re stressed about work. At work, your mind hovers over your family and friends who sacrifice because you’re working too much. You’re letting them down and missing out. You feel guilty and sometimes angry. You’re being pulled in all directions, all the time.

And now your health is suffering from the never-ending pressure. Stress eating, not enough physical activity, and poor sleep habits are taking a toll. Your doctor wants you to lose weight, get your blood pressure down, and take more medication. You use sugar, drugs, or alcohol to calm the anxiety, circular-thinking, and worry from being trapped in this horror story.

The bottom line here is chronic stress and the damage it is doing to your body, mind, and spirit.

If you’re ready to address this mess, let’s work together to develop those critical mindset shifts you need to protect what’s really important to you over the long haul. You’ll make schedule and behavior changes more naturally and comfortably. Come into coaching, and begin to live your life with no regrets.

Self-Confidence and Self-Talk

We humans think between 50 and 70,000 thoughts a day. Good grief! That’s a lot of mental chatter.

And sadly, 70 to 90 percent of those thoughts tend to be negative. What? No wonder people lack confidence and have self-esteem issues. Add the loss of a job or a relationship, or some other big deal, and your confidence flies out the window. Your self-talk becomes loud and negative.

Let’s change that.

Frankly, you were not designed for that toxic mindset. It will hold you back in every single area of life. What’s suffering? Your love life? Your social life? Your job prospects? Your weight and health? Your emotions?

Seriously, there’s a way out, and I would be honored to help you find it. Be warned, though: It’s hard, internal work. To change your life, you must start with your thought life. No way around it. But with coaching support, you’ll make huge changes in your attitudes and actions. Don’t waste another day. Let’s get started!

Divorce Recovery

Second only to the death of a spouse, divorce creates a toxic level of stress and a high risk for mental, emotional, and physical illness. Coaching can be a lifesaver, mind saver, money saver, and heart saver!

As your divorce recovery coach, I know exactly what you are going through. I’ll be a source of support and encouragement, just when you need it.

We’ll start wherever you are in the process and sort out the priorities: what to do about the kids, the finances, your own broken heart. Let’s get you on track to living this new single lifestyle with strength and grace.

Between sessions, you’ll take action steps and move forward. It’s amazing how making one good decision leads to another, and another, and another! Soon, you’ll just know things are going to be okay. And you might not believe this just yet, but you can get your confidence back and take bold leaps of faith, creating something beautiful with your life. I’ll help you.

Empty Nest Syndrome

It’s not that you’re upset that they’ve left home, it’s that you can’t believe how much of your identity was tied to parenting. And now everything must change. You have a sneaky suspicion that if you cling too hard, they’ll fly farther away.

So what to do? Honestly, you need to grieve a little bit and process the life change. But don’t get stuck there!

It’s also time to create a new vision for a new season of life. It’s time to dream and grab hold of the possibilities. It’s time for celebration and creativity! If you’re married, how does this impact your daily life and schedules? If you’re single, what do you do with all this time? What could life look like now? Forget about being lonely and bored. The options are endless, and this is a great time to invest in yourself.

Find your purpose and passion at this stage of life, and go for it! I have done this myself and will be happy to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with you as you adjust and soar!

Life-Purpose Discovery

You were created on purpose, uniquely and individually, for something extraordinary. Finding your life purpose can mean the difference between struggling to find meaning day-to-day and thriving in the flow of God’s power as you carry out His great destiny for you.

Move from confusion to clarity using the powerful coaching tools I’ve designed to explore five key areas of your life. We’ll look at your personality type, your experiences (both good and bad), and your strengths. We’ll begin to discover your passions and core values.

Then we’ll use a process that helps clarify what all this might mean for a fulfilling and purposeful life. And we’ll develop an action plan to launch you forward with confidence.

Whether you are steeped in Biblical teaching or are simply a spiritual seeker, it helps to know that God loves you and has a plan for your unique life. In fact, one of my favorite Bible verses says, “For we are God’s masterpiece. He created us anew in Christ Jesus, so that we can do the good things He planned for us long ago” (Ephesians 2:10, NLT). Work with me, and we’ll discover what that means for you!

Coaching Covers So Much More

We’re not limited to the topics discussed on this page. Start the conversation by submitting a contact form and asking about the Wellness Wheel. From there, we can customize a coach approach for you.