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Welcome to Life Coaching with Kathryn Leslie

My clients are just like you, doing well in general, but frustrated with particular hurts, habits, and mindsets holding them hostage.

I’m so glad you’re here.

I’ve been coaching professionally for nine years and know that with a little self-mastery comes a lot more peace. That’s the idea behind MasterPeace Living.

So what’s going on with you? Is it…

  • Career stress making work a drudge?
    • (Enough already! Life’s too short.)
  • Anxiety or depression taking a toll?
    • (Unacceptable. There’s a way out.)
  • Relationship difficulties exhausting you?
    • (Sucks the joy out of life, right?)
  • Negative thinking and lack of self-confidence?
    • (These evil twins have got to go.)

If something is causing havoc, it’s time to take action. Whatever is making you feel stuck, defective, or chronically unhappy has got to change. And changing on your own is hard.

Experience Your Life as a Masterpiece

Coaching allows you to become the best version of yourself, impacting your career, relationships, spiritual life, physical health—not to mention your sanity. I coach for body, soul, and spirit.

Okay, here’s a question to get you started:

“If you do nothing differently for the next six months, how will your situation have changed?”

If you don’t like the answer, I’d love to help you get a handle on things.